Currently, there are nine active subcommittees, each supporting the mission of the WG while creating unique identities of their own. If you don't know which one you want to join, feel free to contact the co-chairs or other members of the subcommittees for more information.

The current subcommittes are:

  • Membership: the gateway to WGSS; the members actively track the membership list for updates and changes. They also secure a caterer for each monthly meeting, provide check-in at monthly meetings as well as our annual Kendall Hotel Event Planners luncheon. A report after each monthly meeting is provided to the current co-conveners to determine the ratio of WG members v. support staff who attend our monthly meetings.
  • Communications: keeping our WG members and support staff current with any communication sent to the MIT community and forwarding this communication to us if we are not part of the initial communication sent out and providing support to the WG.
    • Olga Parkin is the current co-chair of the Communications subcommittee
  • Artists Beyond the Desk: advocating and producing venues for staff creative expression
  • Working Green: promoting eco-friendly behavior throughout the Institute
  • Professional Development: helping support staff achieve performance excellence in the workplace and advocating for resources to assist MIT employees especially for work-related projects
  • Craft Fair: reach out to the MIT Community crafters including student groups, so that they have a venue to sell their crafts in late Fall and Spring, in order to raise funds for the WG to use for outreach
  • Pumping, Parental Leave and Pre-school will revisit MIT's policies on maternity leave, pumping, and childcare costs/availability in hopes of improving some of the benefits for support staff
  • Civility and Respect at MIT  help craft solutions toward President Reif’s vision of “Respect, Sympathy, Humility, Compassion, Integrity.”  The committee explores identifying workplace inequities and best management practices for transforming work environments. The WGSS can contribute to a more civil and respectful work environment to embrace President Reif’s vision of “One Community.”
  • Design Skills will work on design projects for WG and on current design projects that come up in members’ departments when these individuals require assistance and/or inspiration.  Please see the Design Skills presentation for more details.
    • Gina Franzetta, is the current co-chair of the Design Skills subcommittee