Support Staff: The Backbone of MIT

We are time-jugglers, meeting planners, computer technicians and troubleshooters, facilities coordinators, event planners, accountants, engineers, diplomats, and confidants. We are able to learn software packages in a nano-second. Have a problem? Bring it to a support staffer and it will be solved. Students come to us for guidance and solace. Professors need our wisdom and experience in all things. According to one professor at MIT, "These are the people who do the groundwork on which our productivity depends."

Did you know that most support staff are college graduates, majoring in fields as diverse as biology and anthropology? Many of them studied their craft in business courses and accounting classes. Some have Master's degrees and there are some with PhD's, as well. Some are married, some have children, some are single parents, and some are caregivers to loved ones after their long day at work has ended. The Institute could not function without their input and dedication.  They are professionals.

Obviously, there isn't enough praise to be given to the over 1500 support staff at MIT's main campus in Cambridge and the other 400 or so located at Lincoln Laboratory and other facilities.  We hope you agree with us and please show your appreciation to your Support Staff!