Current members

Name Sub-committee/s Department 
Abebe, Betsida Artists Beyond the Desk Office of the Dean, Sloan School of Management
Alleyne, Valerie Membership Central Office,  Vice President for Finance 
Andrews, Ashlee Professional Development Global Education & Career Development
Angelone, Salvatore Artists Beyond the Desk Business Systems, Reporting and Analytics
Bagshaw, Emma Professional Development Audit Division
Battle, Juanita Professional Development Health Plans Office
Bollinger, Sharona Civility and Respect at MIT Leaders for Global Operations
Bouthot, Alexander Professional Development Sloan School
Bradley, Brittany Civility and Respect at MIT J-PAL Global/Economics
Briana, Kathleen Working Green Civil & Environmental Engineering
Brown, Elise Artists beyond the desk Math Department
Browne, Antoinette Membership ISO
Bruce, Marcela Working Green  HR Benefits
Bruno, Adrienne Professional Development Chemical Engineering
Carney, Eileen Professional Development Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship
Carter, Fabian Membership HRS/Housing
Chan, Mandy Membership HR Benefits
Cohen-Rosenthal, Janna Working Green MITOS
Covey, Eileen Professional Development CEE
Curtin, Mary Working Green  Office of Educational Innovation and Technology
Dixon, Andre Civility and Respect at MIT Department of Mathematics
Dulong, Anne Communications Nuclear Science and Engineering
Entzminger, Shirley ABD, C&R, Prof.Develop. Department of Mathematics
Estabrooks, Alicja Working Green  DSL Administration Department
Fernandes, Shayne Working Green RLE
Ferreira, Margie Membership Human Resources
Finnin, Andrea Working Green  Security & Emergency Management Office
Fleischer, Dorothy Archiving the History RLE
Fletcher, Eric Professional Development College of Computing
Fowler, Rebecca Working Green Office of Sustainability
Fradkin, Pam Civility and Respect at MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics
Forbes, Danuta Professional Development Climate & Sustainability Consortium
Fucillo, Donna Membership Facilities
Gaines, John Professional Development Mechanical and Biological Engineering
Gale, Donna Membership RLE/EECS
Garraway, Angela Membership Department of Facilities
Gervais, Christine Professional Development Mechanical Engineering
Green, Elizabeth Artists Beyond the Desk MTL (EECS)
Greenough, Brittany Wokring Green Picower Institute for Learning and Memory
Gudeta, Tseganesh Membership Chemical Engineering
Heilig, Emilie Membership Mechanical Engineering
Hernandez, Gianna Working Green Center for Environmental Health Sciences
Higgins, Cynthia Professional Development MIT Kavli Institute
Hile, Victoria Communications Biological Engineering
Holmstrom, Tammy Professional Development Sloan, OER
Holt, Lara Artists Beyond the Desk Mechanical Engineering
Howell, Theresa Membership HR Disability Services Department
Huckins, Heather Craft Fair Koch Inst. HQ
Isaac, Shelly Membership Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming
Jarvis, Amy Working Green Aero-Astro
Keniston, Fern Communications EECS, CSAIL
Lai, Yvette Membership Mechanical Engineering
Lambert, Stacy Artists Beyond the Desk OEOP
Levitsky, Ruth Professional Development (co-chair), C&R Economics
Light, Joyce Civility and Respect at MIT AeroAstro
Liggio, Maura Working Green MIT Libraries
Marchocki, Jeanette Professional Development Civil & Environmental Engineering
Matthews, Jay Civility and Respect at MIT Department of Chemistry
McClanahan, Betty Lou Civility and Respect at MIT Department of Chemistry
McCurdy, Heather Working Green J-PAL/Economics
McKeever, Sarah Professional Development RLE and Mechanical Engineering
McLean, Katie Craft Fair Division of Student Life
McNey, Scott Working Green EHS
Meredith, Jennifer Professional Development Residential Life & Dining: DSL
Miao, Li Professional Development, C&R Department of Chemistry
Montgomery, Rebecca Professional Development Resource Development
Moran, Maria Craft Fair CSAIL
Muhlfelder, Hannah Working Green Center for Real Estate
Murphy, Anna Working Green Office of the VP for Resource Development
Nelson, Lynda Professional Development Research Administration Services (RAS) 
Neves, Juliana Professional Development Sloan Management Review
Nguyen, Truc Professional Development Executive Education
O'Hara, Elise Artists Beyond the Desk Human Resources
Olson, Katherine Working Green DMSE
Ornitz, Rachel Communications Community and Equity Office
Pannell, Ronald Professional Development Office of Engineering Outreach
Paoletti, Erika Professional Development WOS Team witin BPS @ Sloan
Parsons, Miroslava Working Green Biological Engineering
Pelletier, Brenda Membership Chemical Engineering
Peter, Denesha Working Green J-PAL
Pirello, Zella Working Green Biology
Polce, Ann Membership Office of the General Counsel
Portillo, Sherry ABD | Working Green Mathematics
Provost, Katey Civility and Respect at MIT Mechanical Engineering
Puels, Raina K. Artists Beyond the Desk MIT Portugal/Aero Astro
Queen, Zina Membership Political Science
Reynolds, Joanne Membership  VPF Financial Operations Department
Rivera, Yadira Civility and Respect at MIT Mechanical Engineering
Rondon, Jessica Working Green Office of Open Learning
Ross, Aya Archiving the History MIT Libraries
Rowe, Jonathan Artists Beyond the Desk Economics
Ruskin, Katie Archiving the History MIT Libraries
Selle, Charlene Professional Development Global Programs
Shafran, Debra Professional Development VPF - Vice President for Finance
Shamu, Geoffrey Artists Beyond the Desk Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Res./Dept.ofBiology
Shaughnessy, Patricia Membership Sloan Technology Services
Simonelli, Dawn Craft Fair Department of Facilities
Smith, Bridget Professional Development Comparative Media Studies/Writing
Solecki, Kristle Working Green PKG Center for Social Change
Spinelli, Christina Artists Beyond the Desk Mechanical Engineering
Strampel, Kim Professional Development IDSS
Tench-Mora, Marcia Membership Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Tersek, Brigitte Working Green Audit Division
Torrecillas, Rosario Civility and Respect at MIT MindHandHeart MIT Medical
Toscano, Hannah Artists Beyond the Desk DUSP - CoLab
Toyloy, Nyasha Artists Beyond the Desk CAPD
Tsafoulias, Maria Professional Development DMSE
Victor, Selene Working Green DUSP
Walker, Katrina Working Green NSE
Walters, Trudi Membership Sea Grant
Washburn, Elizabeth Artists Beyond the Desk Resource Development
Weinstock, Maia Working Green MIT News Office
White, Laura Professional Development  Open Learning
White, Roger Communications CSAIL
White-Frager, April  Membership Atlas Service Center
Williams, Barbra Artists Beyond the Desk Mechatronics Research Lab., Mech Eng
Winner, Constance Membership School of Science
Wong, Jennifer Professional Development Chemistry
Wong, Megan Professional Development Office of Minority Education
Xu, Jing Professional Development Corporate Relations
Yiu, Ruth Professional Development Civil & Environmental Engineering
Zammuto, Rosalee Membership  Mathematics Headquarters