Current members

Name Sub-committee/s Department 
Alleyne, Valerie Membership Central Office,  Vice President for Finance 
Atwell, Danielle PPP: Pump,ParentalLeave/Preschool Masdar Institute Program Department
Battle, Juanita Professional Development Health Plans Office
Belbin, Jean Craft Fair Chemical Engineering
Boyce, Nancy Artists Beyond the Desk Physics
Briana, Kathleen Working Green Civil & Environmental Engineering
Browne, Antoinette Membership ISO
Bruce, Marcela Green Committee HR Benefits
Bush-Fenty, Shauna Membership Provost
Cardinal, Linda Green Committee MIT Technology Review
Cardinaux, Annie Artists Beyond the Desk Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Chan, Mandy Membership HR Benefits
Chapman, Sally Professional Development Aero & Astro
Charron, Heather Working Green Resource Development
Chichisan, Laura Artists Beyond the Desk Art, Culture & Technology
Clark, Carol Archiving the History Medical Department
Clinton, Suzette Membership Picower Institute for Learning & Memory
Counts, Natalie Working Green EAPS
Curtin, Mary Green Committee Office of Educational Innovation and Technology
Davies, Deborah ABD Facilities
Davis, Lena Membership Department of Facilities
Dell, Lynne Communications LIDS
Deveau, Anne Membership Department of Architecture
Diaz, Marisol Archiving the History CSAIL
Duk, Samantha Communications Resource Development
Eggleston, Jim ABD, Comm., C&R Libraries
Entzminger, Shirley ABD, PPP, C&R, Craft Fair Department of Mathematics
Erbstein, Jackie Civility and Respect at MIT Office of the Recording Secretary
Estabrooks, Alicja Green Committee DSL Administration Department
Evensen, Ruth Membership Medical Department
Fanciullo, Christina ABD/WrkGren/Archives Libraries
Fernandes, Shayne Working Green RLE
Ferreira, Margie Membership Human Resources
Finnin, Andrea Green Committee Security & Emergency Management Office
Fisher, Tom Professional Development Human Resources
Fleischer, Dorothy Archiving the History RLE
Fosher, Karen Membership Earth, Atmospheric & Planetery Sciences
Fowler, Rebecca Working Green Office of Sustainability
Franzetta, Gina Design Skills CMSE
Frederick, Carol Membership Libraries
Fucillo, Donna Communications Facilities
Gale, Donna Membership RLE/EECS
Garraway, Angela Membership Department of Facilities
Gillespie, Cheryl Archiving the History Center for Real Estate
Gilmore, Molly PPP Economics, J-PAL
Gohil, Roshni Professional Develop.Resoures Libraries
Green, Sarah Membership Student Outreach & Support
Griffin, Ellen ABD MIT Federal Credit Union
Haskin, Graham Artist Beyond the Desk DSL
Heilig, Emilie Membership Mechanical Engineering
Henderson, Therese Civility & Respect at MIT Sloan Shool of Management
Hernandez-Figueroa, Gianna Communications Center for Environmental Health Sciences
Harrington, Mary List Maintenance Facilities Operations
Harvey, Ruth Professional Develop.Resoures Economics
Hayes, Theresa Craft Fair DMSE
Higgins, Cynthia Professional Develop.Resoures MIT Kavli Institute
Hill, Katrina Communications Student Activities Office
Hollingsworth-Brown, Julia Artist Beyond the Desk Materials Science & Engineering
Holmstrom, Tammy Professional Development Sloan, OER
Homoleski, Lori Professional Development Maintenance and Utilities
Hopkins, Kelly ABD, Craft Fair Libraries
Howell, Theresa Membership HR Disability Services Department
Huckins, Heather Craft Fair Koch Inst. HQ
Hunley, Nichole Professional Development Resources International Scholars Office
Isaac, Shelly Membership Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming
Jones, Jessica Professional Development Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program
Kearns, Peter Membership Economics/J-PAL
Keller, Barbara ABD & Civility & Respect Anthropology
Kennedy, Kimberly Professional Development Libraries
Klein, Beth PD, C&R McGovern
Lang, Nico Professional Development Biology
Levitsky, Ruth PD, C&R Economics
Lindberg, Kate Artists Beyond the Desk IS&T
Lindley, Julie Green Committee Executive Vice President Office
Livingston, Anthony Membership Medical Department
Louis, Cornel Membership Procurement/VP for Finance Division
MacIver, Joanna Artists Beyond the Desk CSAIL
Maglio, Christine PPP & Civility & Respect EAPS
Marchocki, Jeanette Professional Development Civil & Environmental Engineering
Martin, Emily Working Green DUE
Matthews, Jay Civility and Respect at MIT Department of Chemistry
McHugh, Joanne Archiving the History Sea Grant
McCurdy, Heather Working Green J-PAL/Economics
McLean, Katie Professional Development Technology Review
Meredith, Jennifer Professional Development Residential Life & Dining: DSL
Miao, Li PD, C&R Department of Chemistry
Miller, Michelle Green Committee Libraries (CAMS)
Mizrachi, Danielle Professional Development RD OLG
Morin, Lisa Craft Fair Chemical Engineering
Moynihan, Kate Artists Beyond the Desk UPOP
Murphy, Anna Working Green Office of the VP for Resource Development
Nawara, Flor Gonzalez PPP RLE
Nelson, Lynda Design Skills Office of Sponsored Programs
Palisano, Nina Artists Beyond the Desk Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Paoletti, Erika Professional Development MIT Sloan Work and Organizational Studies
Parkin, Olga Communications Department of Biological Engineering
Parsons, Miroslava Working Green Biological Engineering
Pickering, Juliette Professional Development Mechanical Engineering
Pope, Anna Professional Development Office of the Dean for Student Life
Pritchard, Daniel Evans PPP School of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences 
Queen, Zina Membership Spectroscopy Laboratory
Rafter, Keeley Green Committee Engineering Systems Division
Ratti, Erica Craft Fair IS&T
Reynolds, Joanne Membership Committee VPF Financial Operations Department
Riley, Meagan Working Green Office of Digital Learning
Robinson, Anna Membership Committee MIT Work-Life Center
Ross, Samuel List Maintenance School of Science - Dean's Office
Sager, Alison Professional Development MITEI
Santander, Georgia PPP Office of Foundation Relations,Resource Develop Dept
Scott, Wendy Professional Development Chemistry
Semerjian, Karen Artists Beyond the Desk Department of Facilities
Shafran, Debra Professional Development Office of the Vice President for Finance
Shaughnessy, Patricia Membership Sloan Technology Services
Sherman, Gayle Civility & Respect Sea Grant
Simmons, Esther Professional Development Office of the Dean
Simonelli, Dawn Craft Fair Department of Facilities
Smith, Barbara Membership Department of Mechanical Engineering
Smith, Cynthia Profssional Development Media Laboratory
Smith, Deborah Craft Fair Facilities
Smith, Lauralyn Archiving the History CSAIL HQ
Spencer, Sam PPP Information Delivery & Library Access
Spinelli, Christina Artists Beyond the Desk Mechanical Engineering
Strampel, Kim Design Skills Task Group Institute for Data, Systems, and Society
Summers, Sarah Professional Development Tangible Media Lab
Tench-Mora, Marcia Membership Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Tersek, Brigitte Working Green Audit Division
Tovar, Lorena PPP Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center
Tsafoulias, Maria Professional Development DMSE
Urcuioli, Bettina Archiving the History Urban Studies & Planning Department
Verma, Sonia Professional Development Physics
Victor, Selene Working Green DUSP
Walsh, Rachel ivility and Respect Sloan School of Management
Walters, Trudi Membership Sea Grant
White-Frager, April Membership IS&T
Whitney, Flora Professional Development Biological Engineering
Wijtmans, Rinske Profess.Develop/Work Green Sociotechnical Systems Research Center
Wint, Stacy-Ann Civility & Respect Human Resources
Wong, Megan Professional Development Office of Minority Education
Yap, Helen Design Skills Academic Areas - Behavioral & Policy Sciences
Yiu, Ruth Professional Development Civil & Environmental Engineering
Zaramba, Bryan Membership Committee MIT Sloan Career Development Office
Zhang, Weijia Artists Beyond the Desk Koch Department