Policy Recommendations

2000  Sliding Scale Parking Fees

1997 Tuition Assistance Increase Recommendation

1995 In-house Temporary Personnel Pool (MITemps)

1993 Transportation & Safety Issues

1993 Tuition Assistance

1993 Recognition for Long Term Employees

1993 Domestic Partner Benefits

1990s Recognition Recommendations

1989 Improvements in Retirement Benefits

1988 Support Staff Classification Descriptions (up-date)

1987 Parental Leave

1987 Performance Evaluation Standard Questionnaire

1984 Performance Evaluation Standard Questionnaire

1983 MIT Activities Committee (MITAC)

1981 5th Week Vacation for Long-Time Service

1970s Vacation Accrual on Anniversary

1970s Personal Leave


Published Works

2003 Institute Wide Brochure - "MIT Support Staff"

1991 MIT Parents Resource Guide

1991 "Stopping Sexual Harassment" Booklet

1991 Guidelines for VDT Use at MIT (update)

1989 "Tell Someone" Brochure

1989 New Employees Resource Guide

1987 Employee Lounge List

1987 New Employees Resource Guide

1982 Dealing with Harassment Video Role Playing

1970s Introduction to Word Processing at MIT


2017 WGSSI End of Year Retreat - Endicott House, June 2017 (additional photos: you will need a Dropbox account to gain access)

2016 Workshop: Performance Development: Your role in your performance review

2016 WGSSI Event Planning & Lunch meeting at the Kendall Hotel

2016 Careers Across MIT

2016 WGSSI Appreciation Lunch, a celebration 41 years of service to MIT

2015 Careers Across MIT

2015 WGSSI Event Planning & Lunch meeting at the Kendall Hotel

2014 WGSSI Event Planning & Lunch meeting at the Kendall Hotel

2014 WGSSI End of Year Meeting, Endicott House, June 2014

2014 WGSSI meeting honoring Mary Rowe, May 2014

2014 Careers Across MIT

2014 Perks & Benefits Fair at Morss Hall, February 2014

2012 Presidential Inauguration of Dr. L. Rafael Reif, WG hosts reception for all Support Staff at Institute

2012 Professional Development / Peer Resource Group holds lunch and learn

2011 WGSSI Event Planning & Lunch meeting at the Kendall Hotel

2009 Professional Development Task Group completes Support Staff professional development survey which helps inform MIT Administrative Assistance Program. 

2009  Fear in the workplace workshop

2009 Peer Resources Group combine with HR  efforts and MIT Staff links is born!

2008 Peer to Peer Network piloted by HR due to WG Q&A mentoring request

2008 Second Support Staff Toolkit expanded to 4 workshops

2007 First Support Staff Toolkit

2005-06 Recycling Committee win the MIT Excellence Award for Creating Connections

2005 Presidential Inauguration of Dr. Susan Hockfield, WG hosts reception for al Support Staff at Institute

2004-05 Artists Behind the Desk win MIT Excellence Award

2003 First Spring Social - Chocolate & Fruit Buffet

2002 First Ever, First Annual Employee Forum

2002 First campus-wide recycling survey conducted by the WGR

2002 Support Staff Luau, Ice Cream Socials

2001 Support Staff Barbeque, Ice Cream Socials

2000 Working Group 25th Anniversary Celebration

2000 MIT Support Staff Barbeque

2000 Revival of Artists Behind the Desk Events!!

2000 Working Group Open House/Ice Cream Social

1999 Support Staff Ice Cream Social

1998 Benefits Retirement Plan Changes Focus Group

1998 SAP Open House

1998 Publish Wavelength Flyer

1997 Artists Behind the Desk Events

1997 Recognition & Rewards Project Team-Brainstorming Session

1997 SAP Presentation to Support Staff

1997 Email List Created

1996 Skills Assessment Workshop

1994 Artists Behind the Desk Events

1994 Emotions in the Workplace Workshops

1992 Journal Writing workshops

1992 Self-Esteem Workshop

1990/91 Mentoring Discussion Panel (with MIT Women's Forum)

1990/91 Me In One Year, Me In Five Years Workshop

1989 Artists Behind the Desk Events

1988 College Fair

1984 Office Automation Fair