Email WGSS Co-conveners at wgcc@mit.edu if you have any questions. Happy to hear from you!


Barbara's appointment as Senior Co-Convener for WGSS  will run through June 2018.

Barbara is an Administrative Assistant II in the Anthropology Program. She co-chairs the Artists Beyond the Desk Task Group, and she volunteers every year for the MIT commencement.  Outside of MIT she is a part time office manager for ELO - Electronic Literature Organization, a worldwide organization.

Barbara graduated from California State University - Fullerton, California with a degree in Communications/Advertising.

Barbara commutes to MIT from her hometown in Worcester, where she lives with her son and 2 crazy cats, Bupa and Bonkers.  Before MIT, Barbara was a tax preparer for H&R Block, and a tour guide for a medieval castle museum called Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester. She loves working at MIT, does not mind the commute, and is happy to be a part of ABD and WGSS.


Stephanie's appointment as Junior Co-Convener for WGSS will run through June 2018.

Stephanie is a Generalist at the Atlas Service Center.  She is also a member of the Civility & Respect Committee.  Stephanie graduated from Fisher College with a degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in healthcare.  Stephanie then went on to pursue her master’s degree, receiving her MBA from Cambridge College in June of 2017.

Stephanie is a Cambridge resident and enjoys her short commute to work.  She has one child, Mahalia who attends UMass Boston, and on occasion is a temporary worker here at MIT.  Prior to MIT, Stephanie was an Administrative Assistant for the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts.  She enjoys the work she does as a Generalist and is honored to be a part of such a passionate group of people.  It’s a privilege to be a part of the WGSS and Civility & Respect.